Mako CMS

Welcome to the Mako Central Management System (CMS) documentation.

Release Notes

Visit Release Notes to find documentation from Mako CMS software updates.

User Manual

This online user manual for the Mako CMS describes all features of the Mako System.


The Home section covers basic Mako CMS topics including registration, login, navigation, and the home page.


The Search section provides links to several search features throughout the Mako CMS:  Search Sites, Search Mako Devices, Search Companies, and Search Users.

Selected Mako Device

If you have selected a Mako Device to manage, you will see a special menu panel with the following three sections.  These will only appear in the left navigation of the Mako CMS when you have a Mako Device selected.


In the Reports section you can analyze data related to the selected Mako.  You can also manage your Licenses here.


In the Diagnostics section you can send commands to troubleshoot the selected Mako.


The Configure section is where you can configure settings for the selected Mako.  Many of these settings can also be inherited from Enterprise Templates or other Company settings.


The Sites section is where you can view your Sites or select a Site to manage.

Mako Devices

The Mako Devices section is where you can view your Makos or select a Mako to manage.


The Companies section is where you can view your Companies or select a Company to manage.


The Users section is where you can view your Users or select a User to manage.

PCI Dashboard

The PCI Dashboard provides advanced visualization options for reviewing the PCI status of your Makos.

End-User License Agreement

By using the Mako CMS you consent to the End-User License Agreement (EULA).

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