Interface Ping


The Diagnostics page allows you to issue diagnostic commands to the selected Mako and then view the diagnostic results.

The “Interface Ping” diagnostic command allows you to ping IP addresses using the selected Mako’s interfaces. This may be helpful to test if the interfaces are working properly.

Figure 1. Example Interface Ping Form

To execute the “Interface Ping” diagnostic command, click its radio button in the Command column of the list. This will open the Interface Ping form (Fig. 1) in a new window.

Interface Ping

Use the Interface Ping form to ping hosts from interfaces on the selected Mako.

Hostname/IP Address

Enter the hostname or IP address of the host to ping.

Ping Data Size

Enter the number of bytes of data to send to the host.

Source Interface/IP

Enter the name or IP address of the interface that should send the ping data. Leave this blank for the default interface.

Ping Button

Click the “Ping” button to ping the host from the source interface.

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