My Sites

Figure 1.  Example My Sites Page

The My Sites page (Fig. 1) displays a list of all Sites associated with your company.



Use the Health field to filter the list by the following health options:  “All,” “Good,” “Warning,” and “Critical.”

The Health bar shown in the list provides a visual indicator of the overall health of a Site, with the length and color ranging from long and green when healthy to short and red when unhealthy.  Hover over or tap the Health bar to see a summary of any health issues, including number of offline Mako devices, number of down VPN tunnels, WAN quality, and WAN failover status.


  • Site (Company Name, Site Name)
  • Security Gateway [Health]
  • Access Point [Health]
  • Managed Switch [Health]
  • VPN [Health]
  • Mako Devices [Count]
  • [Data] Usage
  • [Overall] Health


Select a Site

You can select a Site to manage by clicking the gear icon button for that Site.  This will redirect you to the Home page for the Site.

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