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The Configure section of the Mako Content Management System (CMS) contains tools for configuring a selected Mako device.  If you only have one Mako device, then that Mako will be selected automatically. Otherwise, you must first select which Mako device you would like to configure.

You can select a Mako device by the following methods:

  • Visit the Sites section using the left navigation menu.  See the Sites documentation for details.
  • Visit the Mako Devices section using the left navigation menu.  See the Mako Devices documentation for details.
  • Use the Site Summary, History, or Search panel in the header. See the Home documentation for details.

Figure 1.  Example Left Navigation Menu with Mako Device Selected

With a specific Mako device selected, the Configure item should appear in the left navigation menu (Fig. 1).  This will allow you to access the Configure section and configure your Mako device.

Figure 2.  Configure Menu

Use the Configure menu (Fig. 2) to access the settings of the selected Mako.


Manage basic identifying details for the selected Mako.


Review the current configuration of the selected Mako.


Manage Internet connections and related access and alert conditions.


Manage your local networks and how traffic is routed through them.


Manage connections to remote networks and remote access to your networks.


Manage firewall rules to restrict traffic inbound to, outbound from, and internal to your networks.


Manage security settings to create an end-to-end, secure network chain in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


Manage settings for a variety of available services, including Mako Failover, Dynamic DNS, QoS, SNMP, Enterprise Templates, and Mako Guardian.


Manage user access and email settings for the selected Mako.


Manage the relationship between the selected Mako’s CMS entry and the physical Mako device.

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