This topic is ONLY relevant to security gateways. It is NOT relevant to managed switches.

Figure 1.  Example VPN Menu with Remote Access Submenu

The Configure section in the left navigation of the Central Management System (CMS) contains a VPN menu, which in turn contains a Remote Access submenu (Fig. 1).  These pages allow you to manage Virtual Private Network (VPN) settings for the selected Mako.

VPN Cloud

The VPN Cloud page allows you to manage the selected Mako’s connections to existing VPN clouds.  Here you can view, join, and leave VPN clouds. You can also customize current connections to a VPN cloud for each desired network on the Mako.


The IPsec page allows you to create a VPN between the selected Mako device and either another Mako device or a third party device that supports Internet Protocol Security (IPsec).

VPN Alerts

The VPN Alerts page allows you to set up the selected Mako to alert you via email when the percentage change of down tunnels in a VPN Cloud exceeds a specified threshold.

Remote Access

The Remote Access submenu contains the following pages:

Manage Access

The Manage Access page allows you to view VPN users and manage their access to networks and services on the selected Mako.

Add VPN User

The Add VPN User page allows you to add VPN users and grant them secure, remote access to networks on the selected Mako.  VPN users entered here can then be managed on the Manage Access page.

OpenVPN Settings

The OpenVPN Settings page allows you to enable and configure OpenVPN service for registered VPN users.

Service Providers

The Service Providers page allows you to grant service providers remote access to specific networks on the selected Mako for a specific amount of time using OpenVPN.

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