This topic is relevant to security gateways and managed switches.


Figure 1. Example Configuration Review Page

The Configuration Review page (Fig. 1) allows you to review the current configuration of the selected Mako. It includes links to the appropriate Content Management System (CMS) pages for managing these settings.


Compliance Warning

Figure 2. PCI DSS Compliance Warning

If the selected Mako has the PCI Template applied, you may see a PCI DSS Compliance warning (Fig. 2) at the top of the page stating that you have not recorded a recent configuration review. You must review the Mako’s configuration at least once every six months to be PCI-compliant.

Review Configuration Form

Figure 3. Review Configuration Form

After you have reviewed the configuration and made any necessary changes, you can use the Review Configuration form (Fig. 3) at the bottom of the page to record a configuration review. Click the “I have reviewed the configuration” button to confirm that you have reviewed the configuration.

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