Figure 1. IDS Select Page

The IDS Select page (Fig. 1) allows you to create new IDS Profiles and to select existing IDS Profiles to manage for the selected company.

IDS Profiles can be used to easily manage IDS Rules for multiple Mako devices at multiple locations throughout your enterprise.

Select IDS Profile

Figure 2. Select IDS Profile Form

Use the Select IDS Profile form (Fig. 2) to manage an existing IDS Profile for the selected company. Choose the profile, then click the “Load IDS Profile” button.

Selecting an IDS Profile will load the full IDS Profile menu in the left navigation and redirect you to the IDS Setup page for the selected profile.

Add IDS Profile

Figure 3. Add IDS Profile Form

Use the Add IDS Profile form (Fig. 3) to create a new IDS Profile for the selected company.


Enter an informative, memorable, and unique name for the new profile.


Choose whether or not to share the new profile. Sharing a profile will make it available for use by your other companies.

Add Button

Click the “Add IDS Profile” button to create a new IDS Profile with these settings.

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