Add VPN User

This topic is ONLY relevant to security gateways. It is NOT relevant to managed switches.


Figure 1.  Example Add VPN User Page

The Add VPN User page (Fig. 1) allows you to add VPN users and grant them secure, remote access to networks on the selected Mako.  For example, this feature is useful to employees wanting access to an office network from home or overseas on an ad-hoc basis. The VPN users’ remote computers will require additional VPN software.

Add VPN User

Figure 2.  Example Add VPN User Form

Use the Add VPN User form (Fig. 2) to add a new VPN user.

First Name

Enter the first name of the new VPN user

Last Name

Enter the last name of the new VPN user.


Enter an informative, memorable, and unique username for the user.

Email & Repeat Email

Enter and confirm the email address of the new VPN user.

Add USer information Button

To add the new VPN user, click the “Add User Information” button.

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