Public Keys


Figure 1.  Public Keys Page

The Public Keys page (Fig. 1) allows you to import and manage a Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) public key to be used for email encryption for the selected user.  This page is only available for your own user account.

If you do not already have a PGP public key, you can create one for free by downloading one of the following PGP applications:

  • GPG Suite (Mac)
  • Gpg4win (Windows)
  • WinGPG (Windows)

Import Public Key

Once you have created a PGP public key file, click the “Select a File” button to locate the file on your device.  Then click the “Import PGP Public Key” button to import the file.

View Public Key

Figure 2.  Example Public Key Information

If you have imported a public key, you can view its information (Fig. 2) on the Public Keys page.

Delete Public Key

To delete an existing public key, click its “Delete Public Key” button (Fig. 2).

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