This topic is relevant to security gateways and managed switches.

Figure 1.  Deployment Menu

The Configure section in the left navigation of the Central Management System (CMS) contains a Deployment menu (Fig. 1).

Delete Mako Page

You may see a navigation item for the Delete Mako page if you have previously visited that page.  The Delete Mako page allows you to delete the selected Mako from the CMS. It can be reached from the Deployment page.

Deployment Page

The Deployment page allows you to manage the relationship between the selected Mako’s CMS entry and the physical Mako device.  You can enter the Mako ID found on the device, download settings and firmware for the device, manage licenses, or delete the Mako from the CMS.

Hardware Page

The Hardware page allows you to update the hardware configuration of the selected Mako in the CMS so you can replace the existing Mako device with a new Mako device while preserving some of your settings.

Firmware Page

The Firmware page allows you to view recent firmware updates and to manage firmware update preferences for the selected Mako.

Metadata Page

The Metadata page allows you to manage Metadata items specific to the selected Mako.  Mako Metadata items are custom name-value pairs you can use for your own reference purposes or to facilitate searching for Makos in the CMS.

Notes Page

The Notes page allows you to write notes regarding the selected Mako device, edit the notes, and view a history of changes to the notes.

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