Enterprise Templates

This topic is ONLY relevant to security gateways. It is NOT relevant to managed switches.


Figure 1.  Enterprise Templates Page

The Enterprise Templates page (Fig. 1) in the Services menu of the Configure section of the Central Management System (CMS) allows you to manage which Enterprise Templates are available to the selected Mako.  Your company must have existing Enterprise Templates before you can use this page.

Enterprise Templates can be used to easily manage firewall rules across multiple locations.  They are managed here:

Management >> Company >> Manage [Company Name] >> Enterprise Templates

See the Management documentation for details.

Enterprise Templates

Use the Enterprise Templates list (Fig.1) to view and manage existing Enterprise Templates.


  • Enabled – enable/disable toggle button
  • Validity – edit expiration button
  • Enterprise Template – unique name of the template
  • Company – company that created the template
  • PCI – whether or not the template enforces PCI compliance rules


Enable/Disable Enterprise Template

To enable or disable an Enterprise Template for the selected Mako, click its enable/disable toggle button.

Set Enterprise Template Expiration

To set the expiration duration for an Enterprise Template for the selected Mako, click its clock icon button (only available when the Enterprise Template is enabled).

Figure 2.  Edit Enterprise Template Expiration Form

This will open the Edit Enterprise Template Expiration form (Fig. 2) in a new window.  Choose the desired expiration duration value for the Enterprise Template, then click the “Save” button.

Filter by Company

Figure 3.  Example Company Filter

Click the “Search” link (Fig.1) to display the Company Filter (Fig.3).  Choose a company from the dropdown to filter the Enterprise Templates list by that company.  Choose the “Search…” option or click the magnifying glass icon button to open the Company Search form (Fig. 4) in a new window, if needed.

Company Search

Figure 4.  Example Company Search Form and Results List

Enter a search term in the Company Name field and click the “Search” button to see matching results listed below the form.

If the desired company appears in the results list, you can click its gear icon button to populate the Company Filter with this company.

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