Landing Page


Figure 1.  Example Landing Page Settings Page

The Landing Page settings page (Fig. 1) allows you to present Mako Guardian users with a specific web page the first time they connect to your network on the selected Mako.

When a user opens their web browser they will be redirected to the specified web page regardless of what website they are trying to access.

After the user visits the landing page they begin a browsing session.  The user must maintain continuous browser activity to avoid having their browser session expire (timeout).

When the user’s browsing session expires they are automatically redirected to the landing page, where they can begin a new browsing session.

Enable/Disable Landing Page

The landing page is disabled by default.  To enable it, check the Landing Page Enabled checkbox.  To disable it, uncheck the checkbox.

Landing Page Settings

Use the Landing Page Settings form to specify a landing page.


Enter the URL for the web page you would like to use as your landing page.


Choose the length of time a users’ browser can be inactive before the user is automatically redirected to the landing page.  Options range from ten minutes to one day. The default value is “10 minutes.”

Save Button

To save these settings, click the “Save” button.

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