Password Expiration

Your Central Management System (CMS) user account password will expire after 90 days.  Before it expires, use the Change Password process to update your password and set a new expiration date.  If you do not change your password in time and it expires, then you will need to use the Reset Password process instead.

Changing Your Password Before It Expires

Figure 1.  Example Password Due To Expire Email

You will receive a Password Due To Expire email (Fig. 1) warning you that your password will be expiring soon.

Visit the CMS to be automatically redirected to the Change Password page.  There you can proceed as described in the Change Password documentation.

Resetting Your Password After It Expires

Figure 2.  Example Password Expired Email

If you do not reset your password in time, your password will expire and you will receive a Password Expired email (Fig. 2).

Visit the CMS and click on the Forgotten/Expired Password link to be directed to the Reset Password page.  There you can proceed as described in the Reset Password documentation.

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