Cellular Information


The Diagnostics page allows you to issue diagnostic commands to the selected Mako and then view the diagnostic results.

To execute the “Cellular Information” diagnostic command, click its radio button in the Command column of the list. The diagnostic results will appear above the list.

Cellular Information

Figure 1. Example “Cellular Information” Diagnostic Results

The “Cellular Information” diagnostic results (Fig. 1) displays all information on the cellular module and its cellular connection.

Simple View

Hardware Details

  • Manufacturer – manufacturer of cellular module
  • Model – model number of cellular module
  • Revision – carrier firmware version currently in use
  • IMEI/MEID – International Mobile Equipment Identity is used to identify the mobile device
  • IMSI – International Mobile Subscriber Identity is used to identify the mobile user
  • ICCID – Integrated Circuit Card Identifier is used to identify the SIM card
  • MSID – Mobile Station ID or Mobile Identification Number is used to identify both the mobile device and its ISP
  • MDN – Mobile Directory Number is the phone number associated with the SIM card
  • SIM1 IMSI – IMSI of the first SIM card
  • SIM1 ICCID – ICCID of the first SIM card
  • SIM2 IMSI – IMSI of the second SIM card
  • SIM2 ICCID – ICCID of the second SIM card
  • Visible Networks – networks the cellular module can see

Connection Details

  • CellID – unique number to identify each base transceiver station within a Location Area Code (LAC)
  • CellTech – type of cellular service/system
  • ConnQuality – type of signal and signal strength of the connection
  • NetworkID – ID of network being used
  • Mode – type of connection
  • SignalBars – number of signal bars relating to connection quality
  • SignalText – description of connection quality
  • LTE-RSRP – reference signal received power; range is about -44dbm (good) to -140dbm (bad)
  • LTE-RSRQ – reference signal received quality; range is about -19.5dB (bad) to -3dB (good)
  • LTE-SINR – signal-to-noise ratio of the signal
  • LTE-SignalQuality – description of LTE signal quality
  • LTE-Throughput – description of LTE throughput
  • LTE-Band – LTE frequency band number
  • LTE-RxChan – receiver channel
  • LTE-TxChan – transmitter channel
  • LTE-Bw – measure of LTE bandwidth

Advanced View

There is an “Advanced” link below the diagnostic results that allows you to see the raw data.

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