This topic is relevant to security gateways and managed switches.


Figure 1.  Metadata Page

The Metadata page (Fig. 1) allows you to manage Metadata items specific to the selected Mako device.  Mako Metadata items are custom name-value pairs you can use for your own reference purposes or to facilitate searching for Mako devices in the Mako Central Management System (CMS).

Some potential uses for this could be to record your internal location ID for the Mako’s location, the rack that contains the Mako, the phone number of the DSL modem, the location manager’s name, the store type, etc.

You can then reference these Metadata items when searching for Mako devices.  See the Mako Devices documentation for details.

You can manage Site Metadata.  See the Sites >> Manage Site >> Metadata documentation for details.

You can also manage Company Metadata.  See the Companies >> Manage Company >> Metadata documentation for details.

View Metadata

Use the Metadata list to view existing Metadata items.


  • Key – name of the Metadata item
  • Value – value of the Metadata item
  • [Delete] – delete button

Delete Metadata

Click an existing Metadata item’s minus icon button in the Delete column of the Metadata list to delete the Metadata item.

Add Metadata

Use the Add Metadata form at the bottom of the Metadata list to add new Metadata items.


Enter an informative, memorable, and unique name for the Metadata item.


Enter a value for the Metadata item.

Add Button

Click the “Add Metadata” button to create the new Metadata item.

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