This topic is relevant to security gateways and managed switches.


Figure 1.  Example Licenses Page

The Licenses page (Fig. 1) allows you to view and manage licenses for the selected Mako.

Add License

Figure 2.  Example Add License Form

Use the Add License form (Fig. 2) to register your licenses for the selected Mako.

Enter a License ID, then click the “Add” button.

License Summary

Figure 3. Example License Summary

Use the License Summary (Fig. 3) to view your active licenses for the selected Mako.

Active licenses are indicated by a green checkmark icon.

License types include the following:

  • Mako Service
  • Warranty
  • Mako Failover
  • Mako Guardian
  • Mako Hotspot
  • Mako Tier One Support
  • QSA Bundle

License Life Cycle

Figure 4. Example License Lifecycle

Use the License Lifecycle list (Fig. 4) to view your licenses for the selected Mako.  Licenses in this list are grouped by license status.


  • [Info] – contains “i” icon button
  • [License Status Group] – contains License Name
  • Duration
  • Active From
  • Expiry


View Info

Figure 5.  Example Advanced License Summary

Click the “i” icon button in the Info column to open the Advanced License Summary (Fig. 5) in a new window.

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